Letters to the Editor

It's a term limit, not a recall

Regarding "West Side War," (Jan. 24, Page B-1): The Patterson term limits ordinance that I have proposed is not a recall. I have never advocated a recall and have not seen or heard of any petitions being circulated to recall our City Council.

We all know in our hearts that term limits are a good thing. Our president, our governor and our state legislators all serve under term limits. The majority of voters favor term limits for elected officials because they understand that it brings accountability to government. Without term limits, many politicians stay too long in office, manipulate the system, enrich themselves at the public expense and do real damage to our confidence in our government.

Under the Patterson Term Limits Ordinance, each council member will have the opportunity to serve an additional 12 years after the ordinance goes into effect, if re-elected. During their tenure, we will watch them like a hawk and hold them accountable to the people who put them there.