Letters to the Editor

Mail, trees, arts center - all good

The rash of post office bashers prompts this letter, but we are also tired of the other complainers. We live and work within the 95354 ZIP code and have nothing but praise for our letter carriers, regular and substitute, current and past.

A misdelivered letter can be returned with a note; delivery of a package can be confirmed for 75 cents; important letters are sent certified; and our neighbors watch for any problem with a vacation hold. A large box keeps mail discreet, and our bank provides a host of free online services. Of course, there is the occasional screw-up, but isn't it amazing what you can get for the price of a stamp? We do hope for a permanent downtown branch of the post office.

We also appreciate that the city prunes our trees and collects leaves, trash and recyclables. Despite winter weather and construction in progress, the wonderful Rails to Trails Project on the Virginia Corridor is attracting many users.

Even if we have to drive through a pothole or two, events at the Gallo Center for the Arts -- enjoyed and anticipated -- brighten our lives.