Letters to the Editor

Council snubs Turlock history

The Turlock City Council voted against a committee to analyze destruction of Fire Station No. 1.

Why is the preservation of history the last priority of this council? Why is Fire Chief Mark Langley so hell-bent on destroying this piece of history for a few parking places?

The Turlock Fire Department Inc. wants to take on the building and make it into a museum. It has raised money for years, restoring and preserving the old firetrucks and memorabilia that are part of Turlock Fire Department's history.

Mayor John Lazar and Langley recently picked up a restored TFD Inc. 1927 La France fire engine and returned it to Turlock. Langley said, "It took my breath away," and "It's a piece of history."

Why doesn't Langley think it's important enough to save this building, which has three bays where the restored trucks can be preserved and enjoyed by our children and grandchildren?

How can the council members justify more than a million dollars to destroy a concrete building that could be leased to TFD Inc. and cost the city nothing? They want to bulldoze in a few weeks.

Call the council. Ask them to reconsider.