Letters to the Editor

Keep an eye out for bicyclists

This is your friendly, environmentally conscious cyclist asking motorists to please:

Remember there is no such thing as a fender bender between you and a cyclist;

I will bend or break!

Look both directions before leaving a driveway, driving over the sidewalk or making right turns.

You do not give school-aged children dirty looks for crossing the street while you wait to turn right; why do I get one?

Sometimes I must start out on the "wrong" side of the street until I find safe crossing; that does not make me a lunatic or irresponsible.

It is illegal for me to ride on sidewalks in most cities; I have to be in your street.

A slap on the behind at 35 mph is not flirting; it is dangerous and an assault.

Look in your mirror before you open your car door on the street side; an open door can kill or seriously injure me.

Also: Do not dump trash under piles of leaves. Sharp objects hurt us when we are forced to ride through gutters. Forcing riders into deep puddles is not nice, either.