Letters to the Editor

Media doomsayers at it again

My concern is that The Bee (as well as the general media) is determined to create further doom and gloom on the economic front, just as you have already done with the foreclosure fiasco. For at least the last year, you have had some headline daily regarding how foreclosures are only going to get worse and the plummeting prices of houses. There may be some news in that stance, but mainly it sounds like prediction. And when repeated daily, seems more like a campaign. Given the power of the press, it looks like you're succeeding. Gee, I wonder why there aren't more people out there buying, considering how it's "only going to get worse."

And now you've jumped on the recession bandwagon. I would ask that you approach this development responsibly, and be cognizant of the fear you are generating. Instead of asking what people are worried about, how about asking how their lives have improved in the last five years, or what dreams they hope to fulfill in the next five. Or how cutting back may have nudged people to re-evaluate their priorities. Who knows -- maybe The Bee's shift could make a significant difference in our area's economics.