Letters to the Editor

A chance to lead way in schools

It's exciting to see the Stanislaus County Board of Education taking a second look at the petition for the well-planned Great Valley Academy Charter School. I believe Dr. Eldon Rosenow and his team have developed an amazing program for the students, teachers and the community.

Knowing that Superintendent Tom Changnon endorses innovative education and encourages thinking outside the box makes opportunities such as GVA a real possibility. Schools similar in nature to GVA are opening in other states and in surrounding cities. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Stanislaus County lead the way by endorsing a school or schools such as GVA in our area?

Stanislaus County Board of Education Chairman Luis Molina stated, "We can't keep doing the same old thing (in education)." Those are refreshing words! I've been an educator for 15 years, and I couldn't agree more. You are also correct that tracking students' progress is essential. By doing so, I believe that Great Valley Academy will be a school the county will be proud of.