Letters to the Editor

All homeless people deserve our help

In response to "Stop pampering the druggies" (Jan. 19, Letters): I congratulate you on your ability to find your way out of addiction and homelessness to become the mother and grandmother you always wanted to be! I am, although, dismayed about your lack of compassion for those experiencing what you went through. I, too, have experience with the homeless, and I know that the diseases of alcoholism and addiction are prevalent in that community. There are myriad issues that plague the homeless community.

The bottom line is that anyone in need, anywhere, should have access to help, not just those who meet a set of arbitrary criteria. Everyone's story in homelessness is unique, and to generalize and say that only parents with children deserve help is callous, uninformed and irresponsible. We need to develop more services for this forgotten segment of our community, not deny them the ones we have!