Letters to the Editor

Bush realizes that wars mean armies

When President Bush, Dick Cheney, Halliburton and associates decided to launch their shock economics crusade, they were advised to start in Iraq because it would be the easiest Muslim nation to conquer. They were further advised that in order to start a war, the first thing they would need is an army, but they opted to fight the war on the cheap so they could give tax breaks to the rich and the rest of us could go shopping. (And please don't write to inform me that President Clinton cut the size of the Army; Clinton only continued military cuts initiated by Daddy Bush).

Five years later, the Decider in Chief decides that to fight a war the first thing you need is an army. He reinforces Iraq's worst areas. He pays the Shiite and Sunni militia $10 each per day not to kill each other, and inserts our Army between them. Violence goes down, but the enemy adopts the old MacArthur tactic -- "hit 'em where they ain't." Violence continues in unreinforced areas and increases in Afghanistan. Comedian Rush Limbaugh chants, "The surge is working."