Letters to the Editor

While homes are burgled, I get a ticket

Regarding "Car thieves steal with impunity" (Jan. 18, Letters): I am so sorry for your losses and your neighbors' losses. I can tell you where the police are -- in northwest Modesto, handing out traffic tickets on Dale Road. Apparently, they like to pull over people who are going 14 mph over the speed limit -- behind a city bus! Yes, I still was behind the bus when I was pulled over to receive my beautiful ticket. I had been traveling southbound down Dale past Nightingale Drive behind a city bus the whole time! Believe me, I was paying attention to the speed I was traveling -- or lack thereof. No one speeds behind a bus -- it's impossible unless you're making a movie with Keanu Reeves!

Apparently while I am "drafting" like NASCAR drivers behind MAX buses, your possessions and property are being compromised. Thanks, Modesto Police Department! Way to go!