Letters to the Editor

We need Ten Commandments

Whatever you do, don't post the Ten Commandments on the wall!

Listening to the news, I cannot help but think how far from the values and laws of our Founding Fathers America has come.

Think about the stepfather who tortured his little girl, then amputated her leg. Then there was the wimp of a man who in our beloved paradise of Hawaii threw a toddler off a bridge and then went and sat down. Have you ever heard of so many men killing pregnant women? Kidnapped women and children are too numerous to count. Boys in our schools are being allowed to wear their pants below their rears and unashamedly show their shorts. Are there no dress codes in the schools and work places? Maybe we need to rethink the Ten Commandments being taught in our schools and homes. After all, it was on them that our laws were based. No wonder our prisons are overflowing.

But whatever happens, do not post the Ten Commandments on the wall.