Letters to the Editor

Pro-life opinion misrepresented

In response to "Study upends assumptions about abortions" (Jan. 20, Page A-1): Allow me to make one thing clear. A pro-life position is just that -- pro-life.

To the intelligent reader, it should be very clear that the author has a particular bias that is evident through the presentation of the straw-man arguments in this article. Every one of the arguments is easily refutable. That is not to say that each does not deserve to be heard and have its merits explored. What concerns me is that these arguments apparently are supposed to represent those of the pro-life advocate.

The pro-life opinion is completely misrepresented in this article and thus weakened.

The argument is not based on financial ability to support a child, the age of the mother, nor is it about the effect an abortion has on the mother.

The real pro-life bottom line: Murder is wrong. Abortion is murder. Therefore, abortion is wrong. Neither your financial situation nor the prenatal affirmation of birth defects makes any difference. It is always wrong. The overriding opinion in the pro-life world is that an unborn baby is a life, and that life deserves legal protection.