Letters to the Editor

Police don't respond; I pay

Regarding "What is the point of the Modesto PD?" (Jan. 17, Letters): I was involved in a minor car accident. Upon trying to exchange information with the driver, it turned out he spoke limited English, was not insured and did not possess a valid driver's license. The only contact information he could provide was a post office box! Being honest and naive, I exchanged my information with him.

Since I had left my cell phone at home, I quickly drove home and called the police. The woman who answered told me that since no one was injured and we were not interfering with traffic, there was no need for the police to respond.

It gets better! Now his truck is getting fixed on my insurance (since he conveniently had a witness to say it was my fault). Then, he claims bodily injury and I now have two points on my driving record and the cost of my insurance doubled.

Welcome to America; no wonder everyone (else) wants to come here!