Letters to the Editor

ACLU is seeking diversity

The 2008 national emphasis may well be on regime change rather than undoing major civil liberties atrocities like the Patriot Act, Guantánamo, torture, eavesdropping and suspension of habeas corpus.

The American Civil Liberties Union's Stanislaus chapter board would understand if voter registration trumped protecting the integrity of library cultural programs, monitoring police and fingerprinting in grade school. This year, the Stanislaus ACLU may try to push a police review board (along with the NAACP), get speakers on reproductive rights as the parental consent people try again, and seek closer cooperation with other groups that care about the Bill of Rights. But we are too old, too educated and too white, and we need more representation from other segments of the community that are as outraged by the Bush assault on our rights as we are. A few bucks, sure, but a few hours wouldn't hurt.


ACLU chapter chairman