Letters to the Editor

What programs are these?

In response to comments by Stanislaus County Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers that cities and counties were having to scramble to find resources such as public safety, mental health and job training for low-risk inmates being released from California prisons: I was sent to prison in 1974 and continued going back and being released. In 2007, I was finally discharged from parole. I would like to know what programs he speaks of, because I never got any help each time I was released beyond the $200 "gate money" that had to be used for food and transportation back to the county of your commitment.

When I asked for food, housing or job training, I was told by my parole officer, "Don't ask. We don't have any such funds."

Most prisons have prerelease programs for inmates who are being released in the next 90 days. The instructor gives you a list of places in the community you can get help. Most are privately funded, such as The Salvation Army or food giveaway centers, except for the welfare department.

I suggest that Powers check his facts before making these kind of statements.