Letters to the Editor

Elect a worthy heir to Bush

Under George W. Bush's much- maligned administration, the United States has helped break up the 2006 London terrorist plot, terrorist cells in Canada, the plot to blow up the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the plot to ignite the fuel distribution system at John F. Kennedy airport and the terrorist weapons of mass destruction plot against seven major U.S. cities.

Under this president's watch, the CIA and the FBI have captured more than 5,000 terrorist leaders worldwide since Sept. 11. This was accomplished because of changes which have allowed cooperative efforts between the National Security Agency, the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, the National Counter Terrorism Center and the Oval office. Every morning, regardless of where the president is, he receives a top-level briefing on the 30 or so potential high-risk terrorist plots.

In 2008, we must keep this president's safeguards in place and elect someone whose No. 1 priority is the security of the United States. All other concerns are secondary.