Letters to the Editor

USPS contributed to burglary try

In response to "Street needs permanent carrier" (Jan. 15, Letters): You are not alone in dealing with poor mail service. We continually get our neighbor's mail and vice versa.

We also feel the U.S. Postal Service helped contribute to an attempted burglary on our home. Prior to an extended vacation, we took all the necessary precautions as suggested by the Modesto Police Department. That included stopping our mail service. On a Sunday afternoon there was an attempted break-in. Our house alarm prevented them from getting in. However, our neighbor discovered there had been mail in the mailbox for the past two days. Upon our return, I voiced a complaint at the post office about the mail being delivered while we were gone. The only response from the postal worker was that our regular carrier was off that day and the replacement carrier did not realize the mail was not to be delivered. No apology offered.