Letters to the Editor

'Stop pampering the druggies'

In response to "Officials should try night in the cold" (Jan. 8, Letters): I'm tired of reading about those poor homeless people when 99 percent of them are homeless due to their drug use! I know what I'm talking about because I was one of them. It was only because my daughter told me, "Mom, Jason and I are having a baby and unless you get off the drugs you will not be allowed to be a grandma to our child." I got my act together, stopped using, bought a mobile home and left Turlock. I now have nine grandbabies.

The only ones I feel sorry for are the children, since they must not have caring grandmas and Child Protective Services doesn't care, either. The only people they should accept in any homeless shelter is a single mom or dad with a child. All others need to fend for themselves. Stop pampering the druggies!