Letters to the Editor

Enforce yard waste ordinance

We have lived in Modesto for seven years, and one of the things that I love is the yard waste pickup. It took me a few months to figure out the schedule of pickups and to realize that it is included with my city bill.

What I don't understand is why it is so hard for people to understand that you put the yard waste out at certain times and not just whenever you feel like it, especially not two days after the city came through and cleaned the street. That's what a neighbor does.

If the program is costing so much money, why not go and collect fines from the people who put their yard waste out at the wrong times? According to the city Web site (www.modestogov.com), "Persons failing to follow the yard trimmings guidelines are subject to a progressive fine structure with fines beginning at $100."

City leaders: Don't rid us of a great service that our hard-earned tax dollars are paying for. Go and collect from the people that can't seem to obey the ordinance.