Letters to the Editor

Nice idea, but it won't work

I would like to applaud the City Council members that passed the Dumpster diving law. The fact that two of them opposed it tells me they have never been the victim of identity theft as I have been. It was two years of frustration getting my identity back. And, yes, thieves do get your info from trash cans. Ask Riverbank school district employees!

I only have two concerns about this ordinance. First, hopefully they had the foresight to include household trash cans as Dumpsters. Second, in light of the fact the city just cut 25 police positions, just who are the trash police going to be? The Modesto Police Department does not have the staff to handle their calls right now without the influx of calls about Dumpster divers. Thanks for trying.



Editor's note: The ordinance does include residential garbage cans/toters.