Letters to the Editor

Another law for police to ignore

I agree no one should be going through my garbage for any reason. It seems to me there are already laws that prohibit this. The Police Department should publish a list of all the laws they choose not to enforce, such as the loitering laws and the noise laws. A majority of the motorcycles in Modesto are not even close to being legal in regards to noise; do the people who enforce the rules care? No.

I honestly don't think the police know what all the laws are. When I read they want to fine Dumpster divers $500, I thought, who is the genius that thought this up? This explains it all, the higher-ups in this city are not playing with a full deck.

The police chief wants every ordinance or law under the sun so he can make a case for more police officers. Why does he want more officers -- doesn't he understand this whole legal thing is just a catch-and-release program? A Dumpster diver will need a county-appointed lawyer when he doesn't pay his fine; then the county can whine because it doesn't have any money. I could go on and on.