Letters to the Editor

The agents for what kind of change?

If I hear Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee or any other candidate claim he or she is the agent for change, I think I'll throw up! Not one of them has said what or how they will make any changes.

How about just one of them saying: "I will do what is right for the average American"? "I will do what is right for the companies who won't take their businesses overseas and exploit the cheaper labor, putting American workers out of jobs."? "What is right to preserve the honor of being or becoming a legal American citizen, by not sneaking across our borders, then demanding amnesty and fast-track citizenship because 'we are already here' "?

Remember Ross Perot? He warned us of these problems if we adopted the North American Free Trade Agreement when he ran for president in the '90s. Where the heck is he? He made more sense than these goofballs we have running now.