Letters to the Editor

Cutting services to the poor

Here we go again. Take away from the poor, young, disabled, caregivers and schools, and give to the rich. California ranks 40th in the nation on the likelihood students will find success. Now our governor wants to make them even further down on the list. Let's take away children's medical and dental, let's reduce child welfare services and bring them down even more. And let's not forget to take away an increase of living for the blind and disabled.

Let's release the prisoners so that they can come out and again prey on all of the above. And last but not least, let's take away the hours of the people that are taking care of the blind, disabled and developmentally disabled.

Did I miss something, or did I just overlook the article about the governor doing away with all of the entities that we pay to oversee all of the programs that do not need overseeing? Did I not see him reducing the big salaries that our politicians are paid, and let's not forget the big jets for them to go on their big vacations, not to mention their tax deductible lunches.

I think it's time to head to the Capitol for some major protesting.