Letters to the Editor

Cut government staffing

The Governator proclaimed the spending and budgeting system of California is broken and we programmatically raise spending whether there is sufficient revenue or not. Recently, he raised the pay of a number of Capitol staffers by huge percentages, even in the face of declining revenues. Now he proposes to cut back across the board the cost of California government to include state parks and museums, some of which are used by schools to teach live history lessons.

The first place the cutbacks should come is in Sacramento, with reductions to staffing to levels befitting a smaller government, relooking at the per diem for lawmakers who are from districts within easy driving distance, and reducing the number of state-owned vehicles in the hands of politicians who use them for personal business.

Another novel idea -- ask donors to political campaigns of out of state candidates for president to match the same amount in donations to the state. If they want to give it away, let California have some. If we have to pay a fee for fire protection, let users of parks pay a fee for use or admission. Other states do, and they are doing well.