Letters to the Editor

$100,000 salary? No perks

I'm wondering what benefits and perks the governor and his playmates will be giving up in order to save money. I didn't read anything about them giving up their rental cars and the gas that goes in them, which the taxpayers pay for. I'm sure that those politicians making more than $100,000 a year can afford their own cars and health insurance which most likely includes benefits for their families, too.

I pity the minimum-wage earners who can't afford health insurance for their families and must rely on Medi-Cal for dental and vision coverage. Also, they are cutting cost- of-living increases for the disabled and the elderly who live on a fixed income. And my favorite cutting -- funding for the schools. That takes the cake because if I remember right the lottery money was supposed to be for the schools. Where is all the lottery money going? Everyone thought Gray Davis had screwed California. So, we decided we needed Mr. America to run our state and really got screwed.