Letters to the Editor

More don'ts for local candidates

In response to "Campaigning here? 10 things to consider" (Jan. 8, Page B-6): More suggestions on what to do or not do when campaigning in Stanislaus County.

  • Don't mention high crime rate.
  • Don't mention auto thefts.
  • Don't mention prevailing wages.
  • Don't mention illegal immigrants.
  • Don't mention farm subsidies.
  • Don't bring up contracting out.
  • Don't mention conflicts of interest in county government.
  • Don't discuss any of the following: Water conservation, burn restrictions, tree maintenance, recycling, air quality.These are issues the average citizen of Stanislaus County has no control over. Federal and state government have determined these issues are back-burner items. And, as such, they are offering no support.
  • You know. Talk the talk, but not walk the walk.