Letters to the Editor

Expose who's behind curtain

Big hoo-ha celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos gallops in on his trusty steed to defend a local woman charged with stealing the identity of a Stanislaus County supervisor and fraudulently using his ID to purchase some high-ticket items for herself. So who's fronting Geragos' fat fees? No one knows.

Now comes a YouTube hit piece attempting to smear that same supervisor when he is the victim of this fraud. No one knows who posted it, but rest assured there will be more.

It seems little old Stanislaus County has been discovered by the big-city players hoping to make boodles of bucks here after cleverly manipulating our local elections.

Those snickers you hear belong to the Wizard of Oz hiding behind his screen. We local yokels need to yank back his curtain and find out who is really pulling the puppet strings of Stanislaus County politics.