Letters to the Editor

Let voters pick council members

Ceres voters were snubbed with the appointment of our new council member. With all due to respect to Bret Durossette, council members should be voted in by the populace. The process that Mayor Anthony Cannella chose was unfair to the voters and the candidates in the November election.

Mike Kline lost by a narrow margin to Rob Phipps. Kline received more than 1,100 votes; unfortunately, our mayor feels his judgment holds more volume than the 1,100 citizens who voted in good faith.

Once the council decided to open the replacement process to all who wanted to enter, the selection should have gone to an election. According to Cannella, another election would have cost about $30,000. At least with an election, the people would have determined the outcome, not a select few. It would have been money well spent.

The mentality in Ceres has been grow, grow, grow. It's obvious that the continued housing growth does not create the revenue to pay the bills. The need for Measure H is a prime example of neglect by our city government. Our police and fire departments were overwhelmed. Voters bailed our city government out once. I doubt there will be a second time.