Letters to the Editor

We do need fence on Mexico border

In response to "We need bridges, not fences, with Mexico" (Jan. 7, Page B-5) by McAllen, Texas, Mayor Richard Cortez: What about the 100 tunnels that cross the border into the United States? What about the story that appeared the same day as yours, "Despite all efforts, Mexico supplies most meth to U.S." (Page A-13)?

Those persons involved with the decision- making on border security should be from areas not associated with the border. We need an objective decision-making method, not one based on financial needs of border communities.

Remember, Mr. Cortez, this is the United States of America, and there are 49 more states needing security against al-Qaida, job security, and reducing the tax burden of Americans, like the $200 billion spent on illegal immigrants a year.