Letters to the Editor

A Charger isn't necessarily a hot rod

Regarding state Sen. Don Perata's run-in with the carjacker and subsequent blasting in letters to the editor: Both writers assume the senator's car, a 2006 Dodge Charger, is some fancy souped-up factory hot rod in the vein of the old '70s muscle car. The new Chargers come in all sorts of trim levels and all are four-door sedans. As with the originals, Chargers can be equipped with low- or high-horsepower engines. I hope the senator's car was equipped with some of the reasonable engine options.

As for 22-inch wheels, I don't remember reading this and Dodge doesn't offer them.

If these writers really want to be critical of politicians' vehicles, they should pick on state Sen. Carole Migden's wild ride up Interstate 80, smashing into several cars and guardrails while in a state-provided sport utility vehicle.

I'm not a Perata fan (re: his railroading recall attempt on Sen. Jeff Denham) but, come on, folks, the man was just minding his own business and his Charger could have been just a run-of-the-mill variety.