Letters to the Editor

Trucks belong in the right lane

Over the years I have observed the millions that has been wasted by the Department of Transportation on thousands of signs that state that truck speed is 55 mph. This because the Highway Patrol chooses not to enforce this law. Whether this is at the direction of the patrol supervisor or the governor's office is unknown because the area commander of the CHP chose not to answer my letter regarding this matter. I mention the governor's office because the trucking industry lobby contributes to the governor's slush fund; thus he will most likely meet their needs.

It would appear that the same thing is going on with 18-wheelers occupying the second lane as opposed to the curb lane. This is occurring even when the curb lane is open. While there are no highway signs saying so, the California Vehicle Code states that three- axle vehicles and slow-moving vehicles will use the right lane except when passing a slower-moving vehicle. When I brought this up to a CHP officer, he informed me that with the amount of duties he had to perform, trucks sometimes got by doing it.

I thought the primary duty of a CHP officer was traffic enforcement.