Letters to the Editor

Vaccine-autism study has flaws

Some thoughts on the article on the link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism ("Study severs vaccine preservative's link to autism," Jan. 8, Page A-4):

1. The government that is deciding whether it must pay compensation to kids with autism because of vaccine requirements is the same government that has completed a study that says there is no link between the two -- hmmm.

2. Allegedly, there is no more thimerosal in vaccines, yet every year we are hounded to give the flu shot to our young and old who are at greater risk -- and thimerosal is in that vaccine. Is it any wonder this study is flawed to say that thimerosal in vaccines is not the answer, because the number of cases has not decreased over time?

How about having someone (preferably no one with a vested interest in the outcome) fund a study that actually delves into what is in the blood of our autistic vs. nonautistic kids? Are heavy metals routinely seen in this lab work or not? Now, that seems like a straightforward, nonflawed study.