Letters to the Editor

Column's mudslinging is not proof

Regarding "If Kamilos isn't behind attacks on DeMartini, who is?" (Dec. 31, Page B-5): Claude Delphia presents nothing that even approaches proof of Gerry Kamilos' involvement in the DeMartini hit piece on YouTube. Anyone with relatively modestly priced equipment and software could have developed the item.

Citing Mark Geragos' representation of the aide who allegedly stole Jim DeMartini's identity is even weaker. Geragos' reputation has taken a beating due to his missteps and losses in court. He would grab onto anything to maintain his 30 minutes of fame.

We could all resort to the mudslinging and fallacious arguments that this piece represents. However, it serves nothing but to fuel mindless speculations, conspiracy theories and aid Delphia's cause. Lest anyone should feel I am beholden to any developer or share Kamilos' vision of the West Side, I, too, have grown weary of our good old boy network in both city and county governments subsidizing the latest get-rich-quick scheme. We have seen the lasting effects of tax-subsidized development of Louis Rich, Allen Grant and their ilk. We should turn our attentions to educating our youth so we can attract the type of industry previous developers have sought.