Letters to the Editor

O'Bryant knows value of new laws

I applaud the strong opposition by Councilman Will O'Bryant to the proposed law against Dumpster diving and the attempt to increase the penalty for drinking in the parks without a permit. It's nice to know there are still people in government that realize that just putting laws on the books does not necessarily make our community better.

I can understand that some officers would like so many laws that when they decide that someone is a problem, there would definitely be a law somewhere that would allow them to bring some justice to that person. This law would be anti-homeless and anti-poor, as well as anti-environmental because of the recycling it would prevent.

I wonder if there has ever been a case in Modesto of a homeless person getting material from a Dumpster and committing identity theft. There already is a law against littering; if the Modesto Police Department can't enforce that, then why give them another law aimed squarely at the people least able to have a voice in our government?

I agree that people that cause problems should be dealt with, but making laws that hurt the whole homeless community is just ignorant.