Letters to the Editor

And who was president on 9-11, I ask

I find it amazing that people use the "we've been protected" argument to support our disastrous president. It was on his watch that Sept. 11 happened! If he would have paid more attention rather than playing rancher in Crawford, Texas, this tragic event might have been averted. One letter writer ("My country becoming unrecognizable," Jan. 3) stated that people say hateful and degrading things about King George; it's simply the truth, and it often hurts. How can he say that liberals try to embarrass W when all one needs to do is read the daily headlines and look back on the last seven incompetent, deceitful, arrogant and totally horrific years he has served.

I know there are many diverse political viewpoints out there, but I honestly can't understand how there are still supporters of this presidency.