Letters to the Editor

People with homes Dumpster dive, too

Regarding "City eyeing ban on Dumpster diving" (Jan. 7, Page B-3): This is a very good idea. Councilman Will O'Bryant has no idea what he's talking about when he says that this is a homeless thing. I have had a problem with this from normal taxpaying citizens. People just looking for free stuff to sell at garage sales, flea markets and even on e-Bay. I will bet O'Bryant would be all for this law if he was a victim of identity theft.

Dumpster diving is one of the main ways of obtaining financial information. It's not homeless people making fake IDs and bogus checks. The people with computers, scanners and cars to get around the state to spend this stolen money are the ones being arrested.

I don't disagree that the homeless do dig in the cans, as well; they are the ones who leave the mess. I have had them, as well, dig in my garbage for aluminum and plastic to recycle. This is done as quickly and messily as possible. It sounds like a councilman is too lazy to protect his city from a very real crime. A crime that is publicized frequently.