Letters to the Editor

Housing opportunities exciting

Contrary to your editorial, “Proposition 1C’s affordable housing rules get diluted,” (Dec. 29, Page B-4), the Department of Housing and Community Development is working diligently to ensure Proposition 1C is administered efficiently and per the voters’ will.

We are excited about the opportunities to increase affordable housing through the Transit-Oriented Development and Infill Infrastructure grants. Both programs require a 15 percent affordability threshold. Bonus points will provide even greater project affordability.

The Bee's assertion that the final guidelines will result in voters not getting what they "ordered" is unfounded. In fact, these guidelines will encourage developers to deliver more affordable housing than voters expected.

An extended public process, including consultation with the Legislature's leadership, resulted in much-improved final guidelines. To disburse funds on schedule, we will evaluate 2008 TOD applications using existing guidelines.

HCD utilizes a continuous improvement process and will review the efficacy of these guidelines again for the 2009 award process.

Further, the infill program dedicates 23 percent of the total points to affordability. Draft guidelines are available for comment at www.hcd.ca.gov/fa/iig.

HCD looks forward to reporting the number of affordable units produced as well as other benefits that will be achieved by Proposition 1C.


director, California Department of Housing and Community Development