Letters to the Editor

State road funds plundered

I am a native Californian and remember before Proposition 13 was passed and saved the elderly from being taxed out of their homes.

Gasoline taxes that were collected then were used only for new roads and the maintenance of our existing road system, which by any standard was one of the best in the United States.

Then Gov. Jerry Brown's transportation secretary held transportation funds in limbo while diverting interest to the general fund and deferring maintenance and building of new roads.

New roads and freeways have been almost nonexistent since the 1960s. The voters passed Proposition 42 to correct the plundering of transportation funds that are collected at the pump. However, our politicians inserted a clause that when the budget is in peril, they can divert the funds to the general fund, alias the black hole. When is it the budget is not in peril?

After passing the transportation bond of more than $20 billion last year, precious little work has been done on our infrastructure to date. Why hasn't the state gone full speed ahead with repairs and new construction? Our construction companies could use the work.