Letters to the Editor

2008 candidates are all unbelievers of sorts

In response to "Religion? Not voters' business" (Jan. 2, Letters): I totally agree with the author on voting for political candidates based on their ability instead of their religious affiliation. The author should be applauded for his attempt to be open-minded. That said, he has failed miserably as he then includes a caveat that you must, at the very least, believe in the Christian God. It seems the author is kind enough to overlook the fact that you're a Baptist, a Catholic or even a Mormon as long as you believe that Jesus Christ will one day return to Earth to punish those who do not believe as you do. I wonder if the author would support candidates who were Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh as long as they were qualified.

Perhaps the ultimate litmus test would be to ask the author if he would support a fully qualified atheist for president. After all, all of the 2008 presidential candidates are atheists with respect to Buddha, Krishna, Thor, Wotan and Zeus, along with countless other dead gods that now lie in that vast grave we call mythology.