Letters to the Editor

We'll see who's laughing in a few weeks

I couldn't help but notice that Ron Paul, congressman and front-running Republican candidate, was excluded from the "favorite joke" polling (Dec. 29, Page B-5). I understand that The Associated Press might not have asked Paul what his favorite joke is because of his seriousness and devotion towards that which the AP considers a joke: the returning of the United States to its Constitutional roots. So to help the AP with its ideological bias, I have come up with a timely joke that I think would generate a broad Paul smile: On Nov. 5, Paul's grass-roots supporters raised $4.3 million; on Dec. 16, Paul's grass-roots supporters raised a little over $6 million, a record; and on Dec. 27, "Rev." Huckabee's grass-roots supporters raised almost $90,000.

We'll see who gets the last laugh after the early primaries!