Letters to the Editor

Some park owners lacking in ethics

Where is the righteous indignation for all the seniors who have lost their homes because greedy mobile home park owners have increased rents 100 to 300 percent? Our park looks like a wasteland! At least 28 homes have been pulled out, Equity LifeStyles pays little or nothing to those who have been forced to sell their homes and then turns around and rents them for $850 to $950 per month.

Thousands of California manufactured home owners have been forced to sell or vacate their homes. For every lost home, there is a loss of property tax and consumer dollars. The burden of taking care of these people has now been put on the backs of the taxpayer and government. Many county residents face these same issues from the same company but nothing is being done to help them. While our park has rent control, it came too late to help many owners and they are still forced to sell. We need more people to get involved with this issue. If you want to learn more, go to http://comocal.org to find out about some of the unethical practices of park owners.