Letters to the Editor

No 'closure' for retired deputy

Mr. Stapley, five years. It seems like last week. I was a deputy working in the Stanislaus County Jail at the time. I am now retired and living far away. The only prisoner who still haunts my thoughts is Scott Peterson. He had lived blocks from my house. Laci attended Downey High; my daughter did as well. My job at the jail allowed me significant contact with Peterson. He was charming, affable and eerily unaffected.

I've seen a dozen people go to death row: The Salida killers, Jesus Hernandez, Michael Slaughter, etc. Scott Peterson is the only one I was glad went to the death house at San Quentin. I still don't know why. Most of us who worked in the jail became, by necessity, detached. Not with Peterson. Your article showed me that many people have trouble with closure on this case. Thank you for articulating this fact so well. This case will occupy a place in all of our thoughts for the rest of our lives. I have admired your writing for years. Never more than now, however.


Portland, Ore.