Letters to the Editor

Illegal for Laos general, legal for Bush

Is anyone else out there who's following the story about Gen. Vang Pao as confused as I am? Here's a former Laotian general who, with the backing of our CIA, helped battle communism during the Vietnam War. We all know how that turned out. So here it is some 30-odd years later and the Laotian refugees still want their country back. And the good general is rallying the troops, weapons and funding to try to accomplish the original mission which the United States was the major part of. But now, it seems, it's against U.S. law to try to overthrow the government of another country. Gen. Vang Pao and his accomplices could be sentenced to life in prison for what they attempted to do, which violates the Neutrality Act.

Does that strike anybody else as just a little bit hypocritical on the part of the U.S. government? Aren't we attempting to do the same exact thing in Iraq? Should someone inform the Bush administration about U.S. laws regarding overthrowing foreign governments?

Oh, but I forgot. Our laws don't always apply to the people who we elected to enforce our laws.