Letters to the Editor

Keep religion, politics separate

In regards to the letter "The thing is, Huckabee was right" (Dec. 23), may I add these thoughts:

  • The questioning of any religious doctrine or theology has no place in the political arena, off-handed or not.
  • The Mormon Doctrine is not an official publication of the Latter-day Saints church. Its views expressed are that of the author and not always that of the church.
  • The LDS church did make a statement regarding Mike Huckabee's remarks on its Web site, dated Dec. 12.
  • Since the writer was using the Internet for his information, please search www.LDS.org. There you can find the official beliefs of the church. If you would like more information, fill out the questionnaire and a pair of our 53,000 missionaries riding bicycles will stop by your home and answer any of your questions.