Letters to the Editor

Don't let big business foul air

I enjoyed the laugh in the article "Critics say focus on smog, not paper pushing" (Dec. 18, Page A-1). According to Joel Schwantz, an "expert" from the American Enterprise Institute (funded by big business, think neo-cons like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc.), all we need to do to eliminate smog in the valley is to eliminate all this "bureaucratic busywork."

Perhaps we should apply this idea to all the "bureaucracy" involved in speeding tickets. Just think how much would be saved in court and law enforcement time if police didn't have to cite drivers for speeding. The cost for fuel in the pursuit cruisers must surely be enormous! Think of all the trees that would be saved from all those unneeded forms (tree-sitters should love this one). No need to worry about traffic fatalities since free enterprise would magically endow everyone with a sense for safety and saneness when we realize it would be unprofitable to endanger ourselves and others. What a solution!

Ideas like this make me wonder, what are they thinking? To think someone gets paid to come up with this stuff. Thanks again for the chuckle.