Letters to the Editor

We should have option to buy American toys

My wife and I went shopping last week to buy gifts for our four great-grandchildren who live in this area. Before we left home, we agreed to buy American, because one of our great-grandsons was diagnosed with a high level of lead in his system and because we are concerned that most toys come from China (a country that does not have the welfare of U.S. kids as a priority) -- even if it costs a lot more.

After shopping Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target and finally Sears, we discovered there are no toys on the shelves made in America; nearly all are products of China. When my wife mentioned this at Sears, we were told that even the vaunted Craftsman power tools are made in China. As unbelievable as it seems, even the toy-candy combos came from a country that has poisoned our kids with lead.

I have no problem with fair trade, but I would like to see that little American flag on some products. I believe we should not buy in stores next year that do not stock at least 25 percent U.S.-made toys.