Letters to the Editor

Prosecuting filmmaker a waste

Regarding the article "Filmmaker's trial rolls to conviction" (Dec. 16, Page B-1) about the man facing conviction for filming in Yosemite: Doesn't Yosemite National Park have better things to do than maliciously prosecute a 60-year-old Indian man for filming in Yosemite? The National Park Service is wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars to convict a man for filming a dance and a structure that is not indigenous to Yosemite. Paiutes were the first persons of Yosemite Valley, and they never had roundhouses. The roundhouse in Yosemite was built in the 1970s by non-Indians.

Lorenzo Baca was already punished years ago, and this appears to be a case of double jeopardy and malicious prosecution. It appears that a few park employees are abusing their positions to punish Baca for their own purposes. I suggest the Park Service should spend our tax money fixing the park's problems. I also heard the Park Service is now going to start asking everyone to buy a permit and start charging fees to videotape and photograph in public parks.