Letters to the Editor

Hunting requires physical fitness

The writer of "Why no outrage against hunters?" (Dec. 10, Letters) sounds like a vegetarian. I love to hunt deer, elk, duck and, as Ted Nugent said, kill it and grill it. There's nothing better than back strap from a deer or elk on the grill. Mike Huckabee and Bill Richardson sound like good men. I am a member of the National Rifle Association and proud of it. The writer said try a real sport; try hiking five miles up a mountain or one to two miles with your gun and equipment to your blind. You get as much exercise as at a fitness club.

I hope there is duck hunting in heaven. I've been hunting from the time I was 12. I am now 67 and still love the game. It takes lots of skill and intelligence to harvest game, and it is sportsmanship.