Letters to the Editor

'Secret Santa' our new tradition

Two years ago, my son asked if we had any family Christmas traditions. I reminded him that we always make oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies for Santa, drive down Christmas Tree Lane and then drink hot cocoa while watching Jim Carey in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." He and his sister decided they wanted to start a new tradition. For the second year, our family is hosting a neighborhood "Secret Santa Party" with the kids on our block. First, we meet to draw names and then the Saturday before Christmas the children come to our home dressed in PJs for hot cocoa, a movie next to a warm fire and, of course, the gift exchange. It is so fun to see the excitement the kids get from surprising others; it gives them a chance to spend time together since the weather is too cold for playing outside. It also gives parents some extra time to wrap up any last-minute shopping. I encourage you to initiate a Secret Santa Party in your neighborhood.