Letters to the Editor

Responses to article about valley students' physical fitness

Praise for Prescott athletic director

Having retired from Prescott Senior Elementary School last spring, I felt a touch of Prescott pride when I saw the school featured in the Dec. 12 article on school fitness ("Running behind," Page A-1).

The focus of the P.E. program at Prescott has long been "Fit for Life," and Gary Nomelli and the other P.E. teachers there have done an excellent job of instilling this ethic in the Prescott students. In fact, the effort students put out in P.E. spills over into other disciplines as well.



No wonder kids are falling behind

The Dec. 12 headline ("Running behind," Page A-1) states that our young kids are falling behind on athletics. The front page picture shows kids doing exercise while an overweight man stands overlooking the children. This is no better than an overweight doctor telling his or her patients to lose weight.

When I was in grade school and even high school, our P.E teachers were in top physical condition. Not only did they teach proper mechanics but also did the exercises with us. It appears to me that schools no longer really care about our kids' health when they hire someone our kids can't look up to or aspire to be.



Athletic director should set example

I was bemused to see Prescott kids doing push-ups to meet fitness goals ("Running behind," Dec. 12, Page A-1).

Obesity is a serious problem with kids and adults these days. Too many fast food restaurants and no moms' lunches or home cooked dinners.

Shouldn't the person (the athletic director in this case) be in shape and be able to pass the fitness test? Lead by example and show the kids a fit, healthy lifestyle.