Letters to the Editor

Some people will even steal baby Jesus

My wife and I have just bought our first house in Modesto, moving into a fairly new neighborhood off Sylvan Road. Being young and apparently naive, we decided to decorate the outside of our home. I decorated with the normal lights around the eaves and the cute little white deer with moving heads. I apparently made a mistake in putting up something that my wife and I feel truly expresses our belief in the Christmas spirit, a nativity scene. I spent about three hours building a manger out of new lumber. I then purchased a nativity set. Our house looked wonderful and we received several compliments from neighbors. Early on Dec. 15, my wife and I discovered that our baby Jesus was stolen. Our hearts were broken. But to those who took our special decoration, we pray for you; we hope you will one day come to your senses, and we wish you a Merry Christmas.